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How To Use Electric Hair Brush?

How To Use Electric Hair Brush?

To have a trendy and stylish look hair styles play a major role in all the women life. To make your hair healthy and beautiful there are several ways to use. But nowadays every on are using the electric hair brush to make the hair stylish and perfect. I have seen many hair styles that look awesome when the hair is dressed with the help of electric hair brush. It helps to make your hair flawless and highly help to do your hair style fast and perfect when you are in hurry.


It saves your time and gives beautiful look to your hair. If anyone says that the electric hair brushes does not gives good results; then I can surely say they are not aware of using the device in a perfect way. I am here to explain you the correct method to use the electric air brushes and get better results. After following these steps you will be enjoying to use this device frequently.

Basic Steps Before Curling Or Straightening

Here are the basic steps to be followed to use the electric hair brushes for both the curling and straightening style for your hair.

Step 1: Wash your hair

The first step to follow is washing your hair completely by using the shampoo and conditioner. Use the high quality and healthy shampoo plus conditioner makes your hair smoothie.

Step 2: Apply volumizing products to your hair

After washing your hair apply the creams or spray your hair that suits your hair. This may help to do the process easier and makes the hair stay with the curls or waves and bounce that you will get after using the hot air brush.

Step 3: Air – dry your hair

After this your hair should be completely dried. At first do not use machine to dry your hair. Make your hair dry with the help of air.

Step 4: Use a blow dryer

Next use a blow dryer to dry your hair well. Only by using the blow dryer your hair gets well dry even in the high volume area.

Step 5: Comb the hair

After your hair gets well dry use the comb to order your hair evenly that makes to use the electric brush easier. Brush your hair well with your normal comb.

Step 6: Plug in your hot air brush

After this you have to plug in your hot air brush and allow it to get warm up for few minutes. The hot air brush should be used only when the brush is ready with the needed heat.

Step 7: Divide your hair into sections

Then your hair has to be divided into sections because only limited hair can be used in a single cycle. So by dividing it into sections every hair can be noted by you and every hair can be brushed easily.

Steps To Curl Your Hair

Here are the steps to be followed to curl your hair using the electric hair brushes. This should be followed only after following the basic steps.

Step 1: Grab the first small section of your hair

Separate your hair into several sections. Each section of hair should contain only 1 inch thickness. If you grab too much hair in one section then the hot air brush will not work effectively. To avoid knots brush each section of hair with a regular brush before using the electric air brush. Take small amount of hair in your hand and place the hot air brush underneath it, near the roots. Push your hair outwards of your hair and curl it to the end of your hair by turning the brush inwards so that it curls under and around the hot brush.

Step 2: Curl your hair with hot air brush

Roll the brush with your hair that curls up till the roots of your hair hold it for 10 seconds and then finally pull the brush outwards to the end of the hair. If your hair gets caught gently untangle it and brush it well with the regular brush. Add little amount of hair spray to each hair after curling it.

Steps To Straight Your Hair

Step 1: Apply smoothing serum to smooth out your natural curls

Squirt a nickel sized amount of smoothing serum into your hand and rub it together and then apply it in your hair that may help you to remove the natural curls in your hair. It also helps to eliminate the frizz from your hair.

Step 2: Brush your hair with hot hair brush

Brush your hair with the help of hot hair brush so that the curls and the frizz in your hair move away and make your hair smoothie. Instead of separating your hair and then brushing you can brush your hair from the root by having a simple section. It makes your hair smooth and silky. Repeat this steps until you get the complete result. Doing it repeatedly may help you to get straight smoothie hair as a result.

Step 3: Add finishing touches to your hair

After doing this use a flexible hair spray in your hair so that it may looks attractive and glows. This will be added as the final touch of all the process done using the hot hair brushes. It helps you to boost up the volume of your hair and remains straight till you wash your hair.


The above are the process to be done by using the electric hair brush. Only by following the above process in a correct way you are able to get the accurate result. Do not mix the steps and do it in wrong way, by doing it in a wrong way you are not able to get the correct result. So follow these steps and make your hair curly or smoothie or silky or bouncy as per your wish.






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