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Remington Silk Curling Wand CI96W1 Review

Remington Silk Curling Wand CI96W1 Review

Everyone wants to create perfect and natural curves, using the wand you can get the salon like the style for all types of hair in your home itself. It is difficult to find the best tool than curling your hair, some tools make your hair curly with no time but it will not last for the whole day, so it is important to have a perfect professional styling wand.

Remington Silk Curling Wand CI96W1 Review

Using the curling wand, you can do amazing curls easily just wrap your hair around the barrel and release it after few minutes to get the best result. We tried many curlers from different ranges to find out the perfect one based on the type of the curls the wand creates, the long lasting of each curl and the heating time.

The Silk Curling Wand C196W1 from Remington

This is one of the fabulous professional wands for creating beautiful curls with the sleek finish effortlessly.  If you are searching for the tool which produces long lasting curls, then the Silk Curling Wand from Remington is the best beauty tool for you and each time it will give a flawless curl.

Product Description:

Whatever the type of your hair and length may be, it will get transformed into the silky curls. You can get a nice finish without spending much time and money in the salon. The barrel of the product is coated with ceramic in order to transfer the heat evenly, and the interesting feature is that it comes with heat resistant mitt for protecting your hands when you use the device.  


The barrel is big enough to produce the larger and looser curls, it is easy to create the waves and the end result is glossier smooth curls. This one comes with the heat settings so you don’t need to worry about the heat damage.

This wand contains both the thin and thick sides, if you want to get thin curls at the bottom, then wrap your hair on the thick side. The barrel heats up to 220 degrees in a minute and therefore best for the thick hair. Try to use the lowest temperature 180 degrees while doing for the less frizzy or thin hair. Using the heat setting, you can adjust the temperature based on your need.

You can also use this with some curling aids for setting the curl but this Silk curling wand provides shine to your hair than other devices. The curls last for more than five hours and try to use the spray for protecting your hair from heat.

The benefits of the Remington professional styling wand:

  • Reasonably priced
  • user – friendly
  • Salon level heat at 220 degree
  • It is perfect for any hair type
  • It produces either loose or tight curls

Let’s Make Curls!

  • Make sure your hair is clean and dry before using the curler.
  • First turn on the switch and start your styling
  • Select the appropriate temperature based on the type of your hair
  • Then wrap the section of hair around the barrel
  • Unwind the hair after 10 seconds
  • Allow it to cool before hair styling
  • Repeat the process as many times you want
  • Turn off the button and don’t forget to cool down the wand

Bottom Line

Hope you are clear about the Silk Curling Wand from Remington and try to use this device for getting the great result.

Let’s know in the comments if you are using any other wands for curling.


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