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How to Curl Hair Using a Hot Air Brush

How to Curl Hair Using a Hot Air Brush

Everyone wants to style their hair differently and there are many hot air brushes available to change your hairstyles. Using the hot air brush, you can curl your hair easily in your home itself and it is the safest method to get the bouncy curls.

Most of the hot air brushes are useful for both straightening and curling. This type of brush acts like a curling iron and converts frizzy curls into silky waves.

Steps to Curl Your Hair Using a Hot Air Brush

If you want to style your hair immediately after the hair wash, then hot air brush helps you to do both dry and style your hair. You can use this brushes easily, just plug-in the device and use after it reaches the desired temperature. In this article, you can get more details on making perfect curls using the hot air brush.

Preparing Your Hair for Curling

To make the curls like a professional hair stylist you have to follow some steps for preparing the hair in order to achieve the silky gorgeous curls.

1) Wash Your Hair

Use your favorite shampoo and conditioner while washing your hair for enhancing the volume and the texture of your hair. If your hair is straight naturally, then it will boost and prevent the hair from all kinds of damages while curling.

2) Apply Volumizing Products

 If you want to get the long-lasting curls, then use any volumizing products like spray, cream or gel before using the hot air brush. Take the required amount of product on your hand and apply it throughout the hair. Make sure your hair is wet while applying the products to the root of the hair for increasing the volume.

3) Let Your Hair Dry

If you have enough time, then it allows your hair to dry naturally without using the heat. Once your hair is 80 percent dry you can start your curling process. If you want to start your hair styling quickly, then use the blow-dryer and it will create the additional volume by lifting the hair roots while blowing the air. Your hair should not dry completely and try to use a heat protectant to avoid the hair damage.

4) Comb Your Hair

It is important to comb each section of your hair before using the curler and detangle your hair without any knots so that you can use the device easily.

5) Create Sections

Then divide your hair into sections like top half and the bottom half. Start the curling process from the bottom of the hair and to make it easy, tie the top half and then move on the top section.

Curling Long Hair:

  • Take a small section of hair and it should not be more than one inch because more volume of the hot air brush will not give the effective result.
  • Place the brush near the tip of the hair and wrap the hair by turning the brush. Then roll the brush until it reaches the root and holds it there for few seconds.
  • Finally, release the hair from the brush to get the perfect curls and use a hairspray to fix it. If you feel that your hair is frizzy, then apply some hair serum to make your hair smooth.
  • If your hair has some natural curls, then just comb your hair with the hot air brush for creating the waves.
  • Repeat the same steps for curling all the sections and let it cool for few minutes before doing any hairstyle.

Curling short hair:

  • It is difficult to section the short hair because of the uneven length so try to create more than three sections. Fix the sections in the place using the hair tie or pins.
  • The curling process for short hair is different than long hair. Hold the little amount of hair and lift it up then place the hot air brush near the roots and roll it outwards.
  • Repeat the above steps to curl the remaining sections. The best part of using the hot air brush for short hair is that you can both style and curl your hair.
  • Use the hairspray to hold your hairstyle.

Bottom Line

Hope you got a clear idea of curling the hair and try to follow the above steps to style your hair using the hot air brush.

Any ideas on the topic “How to curl hair using hot air brush” are welcome.


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