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Top 9 Best Curling Wands of 2019 Review & Comparison

Top 9 Best Curling Wands of 2019 Review & Comparison

Is hairstyle so important for a girl to look beautiful?

Girls who say yes will be surely reading the below article because you are going to get new ideas to dress up your hair with a stunning look using a simple equipment.

Wrapping up your hair perfectly for parties or other special occasions is one of the things to be noticed by every woman. Every girl wants a perfect hairstyle when she moves out. Not only the dress you wore and the face makeup gives the total beauty to you. Only by having a complete makeover with the good hairstyle you can look like an angel.


Now coming to the point. Will curling wands work great in your hair?

Have you ever thought about using a curling wand?

Not yet… Come let’s have a look on the curling wands that are used by many professionals to give better hair styles to their customers. As you think the curling wands are not highly damaging the hairs and actually they protect your hair and keeps it fluffy. They give a structure to your hair and keeps it constant to remain for a day.

There are several products with different models and brands available in the market. Your job is to select the best curling wands that suit your hair. To help you in that way I have selected the top listed curling wands and listed it below with clean and clear information about it.

Best Curling Wands

PictureNameKey FeaturePriceOur Rating
Remington CI9538 T|Studio Salon CollectionGorgeous waves$[usr 4.4]
xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Iron and Wand SetHeats quickly$[usr 4.5]
Infiniti Pro by ConairHigh quality$[usr 4.5]
Bed Head "Curlipops" 1" Curling Wand, BH313Rapid-heat technology$[usr 4.5]
kiss-products-instawave-automatic-hair-curlerKiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair CurlerAuto shutoff$[usr 4.5]
Herstyler 3p Ceramic Curler Iron SetLess time consuming$[usr 4.4]
Sutra The Bombshell 3/4-Inch Rod Curling IronDual heat system$$[usr 4.2]
Xtava Auto Styler - Professional Auto Rotating Curling IronEasy to operate$[usr 4.0]
MQB 5-In-1 Hair Curler Ceramic TourmalineAffordable$[usr 4.3]

1. Remington CI9538 T

While looking for the best product of curling wands every professional recommended the Remington Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand. When I was wondering why all these guys are recommending a single brand as the best products I watched the usage of this curling wand.

Really shocked with this device. It works with a perfect temperature and it can heat up to 140 degrees F. This helps to have a decent flow of curl in your hair without any breakage. By using the curling iron technology the device works fast and reaches the desired temperature within 6o minutes.

There is a digital display to check the temperature control and also it has units to control while curling your hair. You can check the temperature level and modify it according to the level of your hair. So that you can avoid burning or damaging your hair.

You can get gorgeous hairstyles and it remains a whole day without any distractions made to your hairstyle. You can use this device for both commercial use and home use. It has a special feature with auto ON/OFF option which helps to have a control when it reaches the temperature.

Our #1 Pick: Remington CI9538 T 

Special Feature:

It has a special feature with auto ON/OFF option which helps to have a control when it reaches the temperature.

Key features:remington-ci9538

+ 410 degrees Fahrenheit heat,

+ Ceramic Pearl Technology,

+ Auto shut off after 60 minutes.


+ Fast,

+ Easy,

+ Gorgeous waves.

Our Rating: [usr 5 size=20]

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2. Xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Iron Wand

Xtava Curling Iron is a fabulous product that is highly used in beauty salons and is handled by the professionals. When the customers move to the beauty saloon for having a great makeover they will be expecting a perfect result from the professionals.

To satisfy customers in that way this device is specially designed and running in a successful way. You are able to control the temperature level and the settings can be modified within 25 degrees F to 410 degrees F. This will be making your work to be done faster by the heating up the device within the limited period of time.

It is designed with three different sizes and this varies by some differences in the rod structure. This will be managing the temperature and the curls given to your hair.

The device can be chilled out soon and you need not worry about the device remaining hot. It is made of quality materials and that helps to keep your hair safe from overheating and avoid creating damages to your hair.

Our #2 Pick: Xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Iron

Special Feature:

Rapid heat technology is used to curl the hair so it heats up quickly and cools down quickly.

Key features:xtava-satin-wave-5-in-1

+ Different barrel sizes and rods,

+ Heat resistant case.


+ Heats quickly and cool downs,

+ High quality.


+ Hurts your skin.

Our Rating: [usr 5 size=20]

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3. Infiniti Pro by Conair

Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand by Conair will be highly useful for you to have a perfect hair style and protection to your hair. this device makes your hair to be arranged in a curly manner and allows your hair to remain fleecy.

You can get an instant change to your hair after using this device. It helps to turn the moisture present in your hair and design a beautiful curly look to your hair with an attractive look. You can dress up your hair fastly and you can surely expect the best result with a stunning look.

This device allows the rod to be heated in a fast manner and this will be done in a limited time period that you would never imagine. This device heats up to 400 degrees F and give a gentle heat to your hair to roll up and avoids damaging your hair.

the device cools down within a few minutes and this will be consuming less time when comparing to the other devices available in the market. Your hair turns to be smooth and stylish after using this curling wand.

You can have an innovative look above your head and surely everyone in the party gonna speak about your hair. You can experience this only if you use Infiniti Pro curling wand.

Our #3 Pick:Infiniti Pro by Conair 

Special Feature:

It has LED indicator lights with auto shut OFF option that helps the device to get heat and chill fast.

Key features:infiniti-pro-by-conair

+ The LED indicator lights,

+ An automatic shut off system.


+ Gorgeous curls,

+ Glove.


+ Split hairs.

Our Rating: [usr 4.6 size=20]

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4. Bed Head “Curlipops” 1″ Curling Wand, BH313

Bed Head Curling Wand is an attractively designed device that is chosen by girls for its stylish appearance and the instant result that gives within few minutes. You can enjoy the professional style when you use this device with a right level of heat.

This device allows the rod to get heat within a few minutes and it reaches the designation of 300 degrees F within 60 minutes. This will be highly helpful to make your hair to curl and this gives a perfect shape to the set of hairs you want to be get modified.

The wavy structure and the curls can be brought into your hair and this can be made easily without applying any kind of solutions to your hair. You have to use this device only when your hair is dry enough because when your hair is dry you can expect perfect result with good style.

This allows the device to get cool after use and do not panic about the device will it get damaged or not? You can get a neat and perfect hair style after using this device.

Our #4 Pick:Bed Head Curling Wand, BH313

Special Feature:

It gives perfect curve and waves to your hair and allows it to remain for a whole day without any kind of distractions made to your hair styles.

Key features:bed-head-curling-wand

+ heat-protective glove,

+ Rapid-heat technology.


+ High waves,

+ Quality concern,


+ It may explode.

Our Rating: [usr 4.4 size=20]

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5. Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler

The Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler is a compact device that can be easily fixable in your handbags and allows to carry it anywhere you need. It is a different style device that allows you hair to get curled from left to right or from right to left.

You can get shining hair and a neat look hair style by using this device. It allows you to get a cool and stylish look to the hair styles you do. It reaches 420 degrees F and keeps the rod heat until you switch OFF it.

This can be done easily and it allows the device to get heat within 90 minutes. This will make your work to be done fast and another plus point is, this device allows the rod to get cool down faster than it takes the time to heat up.

It helps to have a shining appearance on your hair after having a complete waves or curls. This will make a beautiful appearance to the hair style that you prefer. The auto shut off option will help you in the right time and this will stop over heating and protect the device as well as your hair.

Our #5 Pick:Kiss Products Instawave Hair Curler 

Special Feature:

This device allows your hair to be stiff and have a pleasant coating on your hair.

Key features:kiss-products-instawave-automatic-hair-curler

+ auto shutoff,

+ diamond-ceramic ionic technology.


+ Quickly heats,

+ quality concern,

+ Gorgeous curl.


+ May burns your hair.

Our Rating: [usr 4.5 size=20]

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6. Herstyler 3p Ceramic Curler Iron Set

By using Herstyler 3p Curler Iron you can do your work quickly and easily. It is one of the top rated devices among all the curling wands available in the market. After a complete review, we have found out that Herstyler is a comfortable device that can be used for any type of hair.
This device maximizes the speed to heat the rod three times greater than the normal move. It heats up to 200 degrees F to bring out the perfect curl locks on your hair. It does not allow your hair to be sticky and generates them with not sticky and smooth texture.

the iron rod present in this device will produce a certain amount of heat and when it is placed in your hair it reacts with it and brings changes. By rolling up your hair on the iron rod you are able to get the wavy or curly structure.

This device is mainly designed for professional use and this will be highly helpful in the beauty salons.  To make your hair modish and to have a great look in parties and other grand occasions this will be a great choice.

You can curl your hair fastly and it does not take much time to curl your hair. Within a short period of time, you can expect the great result of this device with the beautiful hair style.

Our #6 Pick:Herstyler 3p Ceramic Curler 

Special Feature:

The digital temperature display is attached to the device and it allows for curling your hair in right temperature and it does not allow the hair to get damaged.

Key features:herstyler-3p-ceramic-curler-iron-set-new-13mm-18mm

+ latest ceramic and digital technology.


+ highest curl locks,

+ less time consuming.


+ hurts skin.

Our Rating: [usr 4.6 size=20]

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7. Sutra The Bombshell 3/4-Inch Rod Curling Iron

Sutra’s Curling Iron is a stylish device with black metal attracts the youngsters to buy it. This device is rated as the best for curling your hair in a neat manner. It is designed for the use of professionals and now it can be easily used at home also.

It is made of stainless steel that makes the device to be durable. It will not allow the device to get damaged there will not be any need to replace the parts of the device. The rod present in the top side of the device heat up within 60 minutes and it reaches the desired temperature soon.

By using this device on your hair you are able to get a quick result with stylish curly and wavy look. You can get the constant heat of 380 degrees F and remains until you complete the curling work. It has an auto shut OFF option that helps the device to stop its work and this happens when it is overheated.

The curler wands give structure to a set of hair and it modules the hair style. You can get a modish hair style by using this device and it allows the hair to remain as it is for a day.

Our #7 Pick:Sutra The Bombshell Curler 

Special Feature:

It includes a complimentary styling glove and an iron pad to give a perfect result in the hair styles that you prefer.

Key features:sutra-the-bombshell-3-4-inch-rod-curling-iron

+ auto shut-off safety switch,

+ Universal Voltage,

+ no-tangle swivel cord.


+ Dual heat system,

+ smooth.


+ Hurts or damages scalp.

Our Rating: [usr 4.2 size=20]

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8. Xtava Auto Styler

Xtava Auto Styler is an auto-rotating device that brings curlings to your hair. It is specially designed to make your work easy with the help of auto-rotating rod. By placing the device in your hair it automatically rotates the hair and brings waves to your hair.

The LCD display present in the handle of the device helps you to view the temperature level of the device. By checking the heat level you can adjust it and maintain the heat level that suits your hair.

This does not bring any damages to your scalp and hair. This is highly famous because this heats quick and give perfect result too. This device is recommended for most of the professionals and the reason behind it is, it saves your time and works perfectly even in long hairs.

There are no side effects and you can use it regularly. The auto shut OFF option will help you to keep your device away from over-heating. It heats up within 30 minutes and chills down soon ao that you are able to carry it anywhere you need.

Our #8 Pick:Xtava Auto Styler 

Special Feature:

With the help of 11 temperature settings, you can choose the desired temperature that suits your hair.

Key features:xtava-auto-styler-professional-auto-rotating-curling-iron

+ LCD display,

+ Auto-shut-off function.


+ Save time,

+ curls long hair,


+ costs high.

Our Rating: [usr 5 size=20]

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9. MQB 5-In-1 Hair Curler

MQB Curling Iron Wand is designed with the advanced option of 5 in 1 Hair Curler. It has 5 different types of ceramic barrels and it helps to adjust the barrels that suit your hair. The barrels are differentiated by the different results it gives.

You can get five ways of modulation in curling your hair. This gives a modish look to your hair ande makes others feel jealous. The rod present in the top of the device heats up to its maximum level and reacts with the hair to give the curly structure.

This device reaches its designation within 60 minutes and the maximum temperature can be considered as 210 degrees F. To do the process fast it is designed with advanced features. The PTC technology gives the device to reach the temperature fast.

It will is portable and as it is made of high-quality materials this device works for long days. You can use this device frequently and it will never damage your hair or scalp.

Our #9 Pick:MQB 5-In-1 Hair Curler 

Special Feature:

MQB Hair Curler is provided by a dual voltage system and that helps to control the heat and power supplied in it.

Key features:mqb-5-in-1-hair-curler-ceramic-tourmaline

+ Professional tourmaline ceramics heat technology,

+ auto on/ off design,

+ dual voltage system.


+ different styles,

+ great customer service.


+ over heat.

Our Rating: [usr 5 size=20]

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Hope this will be highly interesting for you. Try the curling wand to get the stunning curly and wavy structure hair style. You can share your experience and if you have any queries you can let me know by sharing in the below command box.

What brand curling wand are you using?

With which product, you are going to replace your old curling wand?



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