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Hey all, I’m Jeanette Rios. I'm a professional hairstylist and a mom of two boys. This is my very first official website about trending styling tools, hair assessment products, and the modern things in hairdressing.

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Top 10 Hair Thinning Scissors in 2019

Hair Thinning Scissors
Hair Thinning Scissors are the most common tools used in a barbershop or any hair saloon to let the heat out. Usually, thinning shears are great and ideal for curly and thick hair which adds texture to the hair and blend hair layers. Hair thinning...

Top 10 Best Hair Thickening Sprays

Are you looking for the product that adds volume and strength to thin hair? You’re at the right place; we’ve sorted the best of what’s on the market right now. A hair thickening spray strengthens the hair follicles and prevents hair loss to increase...

Top 10 Best Hair Dyes

Hair coloring is loved by most of us because it looks trendy and fashionable. These temporary colors are ammonia-free that maintain hair quality. Why hair coloring is preferred? While you add an additional layer of color, the entire volume of your hair increases. Check...

Top 10 Hair Rollers in 2019

Hair rollers are great for quick styling. Do you love to ring with gorgeous curls? Hot hair rollers can add a good texture and offer a big, beautiful curl for you. Nowadays, curling iron is the most common handy tool for grooming as it works ideal for...